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mirror mirror on the wall, who is the demented one of them all?

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||::Myself and Friends}

||::A Little Story::}

::Name/Nicknames:: Julie aka Tarei or Ta-chan sometimes Shadow or Yurmi
::Age:: 17
::Ethnic:: Full Vietnamese
::Personality:: Friendly, easy to get along with, stubborn, arrogant sometimes, overall usually a calm an nice person. I cannot truly hate someone, unless they did something horrible to me. Well horrible enough to be considered hated for. I am arrogant sometimes, when it comes to things, that I have higher knowledge of, but that doesn't mean I'll always be that way. I can take the truth easily. Just tell me what I did wrong or what you don't like about me, and I'll tell you what you can do to improve my mood better, or I'll ask your for reasons how to improve and such. I get along with almost everyone, but sometimes, there's always one or two, that I hardly ever get along with. I'm usually very dorky, when it comes to hanging with friends and families, or just friends and family in general. I like being told to my face shit about me, if you can't do that, don't go around telling shit about behind my back. It just tells me you have no backbone, and you're just being stupid, instead of confronting someone straight foreward. I will do the same for anyone, though it is hard for me to flat out tell the truth, but I will be able to accordingly.
::Likes:: I like animes, and mangas of course. I am a roleplaying nerd, bite me. I like to write a lot of stories, or roleplays in general. I like things that have spark and energy, something interesting to me. I like sweets, and I do have a majour sweet tooth yes. I like to draw a lot. Though, I'm not good at it, I'm still getting there, and I won't stop till I get the results I want. I like to talk to friends, hang with them, and such things like that. I like to chill and goof off with my family, it's just how I am. I love to read books, and sports. I like playing tennis.
::Obessions:: Kyuuketsu Yuugi. I am a total geek on that. I love Kyuukuets Yuugi so much. I own almost all the volumes actually ahaha ^^;. Yu Yu Hakusho. The first anime that came to my life. I love it so! Inuyasha. I am a nerd on Inuyasha as well. I just love it as much as anything. DN Angel. Yukiru's artwork and ways of telling a story is just way to damn good to take down! Music, Roleplaying, Drawing. My other obsessions as you can already see XD Tales of the abyss woooo >>;; And of course, Asch and Luke Obsession DUUUR XD; AND JADE Obession >>; I love JADE X___X... PERSONA 3 ack ack so wonderfully fun!

||::Friends and the Importants::||

Working on LOL patience

||::Everything Else}


xxsecretive for tutorials and some textures
xxadorkable community of tutorials that rockXD
millepetit for textures
x2x_graphics for textures
ice_cubed for textures
emrgngbutrfly for textures
phinjay for textures
retrographic for textures
justforeverme for textures
magical9mystery for textures
ownthesunshine for textures
pensnest for textures
colorfilter for textures and where the textures areXD
wonderland__ Textures

||::Contacting Me::||

||AIM|| YumekoRin
||Email|| Dreamliteshadowz@yahoo.com

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